What have we done to each other?

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

what are you thinking?

the doors slid in silence —

heartbeats all over the room as they reciprocally wrapped themselves in the shivering bed

not thinking about leaving, he answered

but you were, she added

how are you feeling?

eyes wide open —

in Master Oogway’s utterance, he thought love was the present

she never watches his favorites as it might cry her a river

yet, she quoted Allie & Noah instead — tears dismantled the makeup she wore

confused, he answered

and scared to death, she added

what have we done to each other?

the laughs —

candles he kept glaring

the hugs —

unfinished cigarettes settled her in

the kisses —

cheap motels they snuck into

the fights —

voyage they never thought of

here we go, darling

binge-watching our feelings

to make us whole once again

as the endings are the starting point of our sequel begins

we have done nothing but to wonder what might, could, & should be

as the questions swirled the emptiness, they stared —

what will we do?

treasuring what is, they swore to each other



Pembaca dan penulis yang sedang belajar mendengar.

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